‘Love, Death & Robots’ — Season 2 Trailer

In the all you can eat buffet that is modern TV, Netflix unleashes the trailer for Love, Death & Robots season 2. Oops…volume 2. Pardon me. Volume 2 is so much classier than season 2. Either way, this looks fantastic! Just a feast for the eyes. Holy crap I’m ready for this.

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Guess what? We didn’t know there was a season 1…or a volume 1 rather. Season or volume doesn’t really matter, because this looks cool as shit. We dig stuff like this. Sci-Fi…animated…adult. Count us in.

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Now if someone from Netflix marketing could do us a favor and give us a heads up when cool shit like Love, Death & Robots comes out in the first place! We missed season one. Oops…volume. My bad.

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