This White House Sucks

We might have given it away with the title: This White House sucks. So you know what we’re talking about. The Biden-Harris administration. Or maybe it’s the Harris-Biden. Either way, it’s not going well. Comedian Michael Loftus wants to know where the good parts are. Anyone have any idea?

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We have jokes, sure! But we don’t see the upside to the current administration. We laugh. We think. We laugh some more.

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Hope you enjoyed the latest from The Loftus Party.

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2 comments on “This White House Sucks

  1. Kathleen Loftus says:

    I like your name and a few of the items available on your website, but after watching your video, I can understand why you have this side gig…’re not a very skilled (funny) comedian!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      My favorite part of this is how you think your opinion matters.

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