Biomutant – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer (Cautious Optimism)

So you watched the new gameplay trailer for Biomutant and if you’re anything like like me you’re already getting concerned about all the customizations. Yeah, it’s very cool that you CAN do all that cool stuff with your character and the attributes and the looks, but to me it represents storm clouds on the horizon.

It normally indicates a super-complex controls system. Think Madden Football–the more choices there are in setting up your team, the more choices there are in actual gameplay. The more choices there are in actual gameplay, the more insane the controls are to pull off moves.

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Yes, you can triple flip and stealth land with a spin kick…just double squeeze the left trigger while holding down “X” and pressing “down” on the right trigger while double tapping the right trigger. It’s hyper-complex moves like that, that are a fun killer.

It’s a fine line that game developers have to walk. They need to give us cool shit to do but not make our brains (and fingers) hurt. The Zelda franchise is great at this. Lots of choices but not too much complexity. Let’s hope Biomutant finds the sweet spot. We want this game to be a winner. Haven’t been too worried…until now. We shall see.

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Biomutant release date is May 25, 2021.

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