Chris Pratt Finally Fights ‘The Tomorrow War’

Here’s your first look at Chris Pratt in The Tomorrow War. We say he finally gets to fight it because of all the delays and rescheduling and the movie changing hands. Whew.

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So. Earth is losing a war to aliens and humanity starts going back in time to recruit fresh soldiers. Cool. Are we all guessing that Chris Pratt is the key? He’s trying to save his kids! Are we all guessing his kid is the future salvation of humanity? And if he saves his daughter he ends up saving the planet? I’d be cool with that. HA! I’m not going to shit all over the premise. That’s standard operating procedure for time travel flicks.

What isn’t standard is how long this flick took. Filming wrapped in 2020. Paramount owned it. Then the ol’ Wuhan shut everything down. Delayed release…Paramount bailed and sold the flick to Amazon for $200 mill? Dayum.

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Question: Why would Paramount sell? Chris Pratt is a bankable star. It’s a solid premise? Did the movie not test well? Did Paramount smell a flop or did they really need the cash? We shall see. Here’s the trailer for The Tomorrow War. It comes out on Prime Video July 2.

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