Facebook Will Now ‘Allow’ Speculation about Origins of the Rona

Censorship much? Facebook says it will no longer remove claims about the possible origins of the Rona. The Wuhan. The ol’ Covid-19. Soooooo kind of them, right? Pardon me if I don’t celebrate too hard. How many people were kicked off the platform? How many people were silenced? It’s terrifying.

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Citizens turned this story around. Pressure from ordinary people. Regular folk didn’t buy the bat soup B.S. We at least wanted a legit look at where this virus came from. Not some glossed over piece of CCP propaganda. How long did the tech giants and mainstream media push the bat soup B.S.? A year? It’s crazy and we should all be concerned.

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How many other stories are lies? How many other social media taboos are complete bullshit? It makes you wonder. Or, at least, I hope it does.

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