The Wuhan Lab Theory Always Made Sense!

We gotta sound off on this one. The Wuhan lab theory always made sense. That the media even tried to cast it aside as a conspiracy theory was absurd. We were all supposed to believe that this novel virus (which I will refer to as “the rona” because I want to) sprang up out of some bat soup and NOT the lab in Wuhan dedicated to viruses…for real?

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The media and powers that be wanted us all to think it was a wet market and NOT the virus lab where people we’re dying of something that behaved JUST LIKE the rona. Scientists disappearing…scientists from the Wuhan lab going public and trying to warn people that the rona was coming. Scientists going on the Tucker Carlson show, saying the Rona came out of the lab.

All of that evidence and they still were hanging onto the bat soup theory. Did they think the public at large was just that incredibly lazy? That we weren’t inquisitive at all? That we wouldn’t want to know exactly how this happened so it wouldn’t happen again?

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Yes, let’s have a full investigation. A legit investigation. Maybe one that isn’t run by the guy who supplied bats to the Wuhan lab. The same guy who is still pointing the finger at bat soup. Kinda hard to do a thorough investigation when you might be the one found guilty. So, three cheers for the people who stood fast and are demanding the truth. We could use some.

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