40 Insane ‘Like a Boss’ Moments Caught on Video

Want to feel better about your life? Watch these 40 insane “Like a Boss” moments. You’ll be happier in no time. It certainly worked for me.

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I dig these compilations. Love the success stories. But I also can’t help thinking about all the failures that go into the attempts. How about all the people that try stupid shit and it doesn’t work out? Yeah…we’ll need to post more of those as well.

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But bless these people and the things they think are important. Makes for good viewing from the comfort of my bedroom. Woo-hoo! Keep ’em coming. Entertain me!

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2 comments on “40 Insane ‘Like a Boss’ Moments Caught on Video

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Some amazing stuff in here. Not sure if any of them aren’t quite what they seem, but a lot of them are awe-inspiring nonetheless.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      my mind always goes to all the fails. HA!

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