This Music Video Has 152 Million Views & We THINK We Know Why

The music video for “Destination Calabria” has over 152 million views and we think we know why. A couple of reasons: The song is really quite the earworm. Very catchy. Plus the editing and camera work have a sense of urgency. Kidding. Although the song is catchy, it’s beautiful women that have made it popular! Come on!

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It’s almost as if the director wanted to prove a point, and we love it. People still want to see beautiful women. Sex still sells. Wow! Does it ever sell. I bet you could have a music video featuring a marching band and if the casting was just right and you had the right amount of sex appeal it’d get millions and millions of views. Woo-hoo!

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It’s fantastic, really. As the brainiacs in the think tanks try to shift society into what they want reality to be, reality pushes back. This time in the form of a sexy marching band! LOL! Beauty is still beauty. Sex still sells. They can try as hard as they want to convince us otherwise but dayum, the power of attraction is so strong it can blast through a marching band uniform! Skadoosh!

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