Let’s Watch the Trailer for ‘Free Guy.’ It Looks Funny–in a Good Way.

Free Guy, the new movie with Ryan Reynolds, looks funny–in a good way. In an odd, kind of quirky, almost making fun of itself kind of way. The style of comedy that has become almost a signature move from Mr. Reynolds. Nah. Fuck that. Ryan Reynolds. Take THAT Ryan! Big shoutout to Taika Waititi who’s also in the film, and who also has that very niche but very funny charm.

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The release date for this flick has been pushed back again and again. It’s been pushed back more than a headboard at a whorehouse on nickel night. That’s a lot. Like a whole lot.

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But now we know we can all go see it on August 13, 2021.

Let’s watch the trailer!

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