You Should Watch Nightbirde’s Original Song from ‘America’s Got Talent’

Not going to get too deep here. All I want to say is, you should watch Nightbirde’s original song she performed on America’s Got Talent. She is an aspiring singer-songwriter from Ohio. She is also dealing with cancer.

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To the cynics I’ll say this: Yes, the editing crew at AGT is very adept at manipulating the audience’s emotions. This is true. Not going to argue that. This song, this performance, this singer would get the same reaction even without the editing “tricks.” It’s that powerful. I usually shy away from videos like this because of the emotional strings being pulled by the editors. It feels cheap to me.

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This one is different. The universe lined up for this one. Nightbirde’s voice, her performance, her personality, the song, her voice, her story. It all comes together in an almost perfect moment. You can feel everything just click into place in a beautiful, completely natural moment. I couldn’t love this more. It got me. Best of luck to you, Nightbirde. We dig you.

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