Add Lafayette Square to Long List of Media ‘Mistakes’

What are the odds of yet another merry mix up? We can now add Lafayette Square to the long list of media “mistakes.”

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In May of 2020 police cleared the park across the street from the White House of protesters. If you had been watching any of the footage of the area you would know why cops did what they did. The mob was too violent. Too close to the White House. Fires had been set to a guard house as well as an historic church. The mob had to be dispersed. It was the logical thing to do. The media, however, ran with the story that President Trump wanted the park cleared for a photo op. It was a relentless drumbeat once again about how horrible Trump was. Just one problem: It wasn’t true.

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So add it to the list of “mistakes.” That’s what they want Americans to do. Just add another one to the “oopsie” list from the media. Sorry. We’re not buying it. The list is too long. These can’t be coincidences. No one is that stupid or careless. We are seeing a pattern. Are you?

So, here is an appeal to anyone who still knows the importance of journalism and a search for truth. Do you think these are helping or hurting our country? You know the answer. But maybe this will help. Here is an updated list of ALL the “mistakes” the media has made as compiled by journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

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