Five Costume Ideas That Look Good on Most Men

Not every man is born with a skinny build or perfect abs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look great at that Halloween party or event this year if you pick the right costume.

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I’m not talking about “Dad Bod Thor,” although don’t we all love him. No, I’m talking about costumes where you don’t have to try to squeeze into that skin-tight body suit, or go shirtless and joke Aquaman has put on a bit a “quarantine belly.”

Here are five epic looks men can pick without having to be too thin, or even built like a linebacker.

Geralt of Rivia

Sure, many people know him from the Netflix series, but the novel-based video game The Witcher gave Geralt this look (and that special bathtub shot) before Henry Cavill put on that white wig. He is a master swordsman, son of a sorcerer, grumpy and serious, and completely badass. His grey white hair and beard (in certain game versions) makes him a great choice for a little more mature men.

Outlander (or Highlander)

I have never seen the Outlander series, nor do I share the crush the rest of the female population has on actor San Heughan and his character Jamie Fraser. But, man, that guy and his cohorts look good in kilts. Most men do, regardless of age, race, or body type. If you aren’t into Outlander, there’s always the epic Connor MacLeod, as well as Rob Roy, Braveheart and any Irish punk band. Heck, my own husband looks amazing in one, and he’ll be the first to admit he isn’t a slender dude. However, it is okay to shirk the “traditional way” of wearing these and get a pair of black shorts or bicycle pants for big public gatherings. Please.

Kilts! Enough said.


Here’s where you can part ways from the Marvel Universe and the God of Thunder, and get a little more dirty and gritty. Whether it is the popular History Channel Vikings series or the latest installment of the video game Assassin’s Creed, Vikings are just cool looking. You can be as big or burley as you want. You can dirty yourself up a bit with fake blood or dirt, and avoid combing you hair for the party. Vikings even look tough bald with or without a beard. Finally, you can show off that scar you got taking the garbage out at 2 a.m. and tripping over a tricycle. Just tell everyone you got it bravely defending your village from marauders.

To Valhalla!

Gears of War

Oh yeah! You know when a game has “Horde Mode,” “Beast Mode” and some of the biggest gnarly could-never-be-practical-in-real-life weapons, it has the makings of some great cosplay and costume potential. The characters cover the spectrum of race, with both men and women able to crank out the punishment, but they are all no-hold-barred, un-PC ass-kickers. Guys, raid the tactical vests in sports stores, and military surplus for accessories. Paint up the biggest Nerf gun you can find, and put together the look of one of these bad boys. The possibilities are endless.

Big dirty armor, capes and assorted weaponry can help build a cool costume for any age and all sorts of builds.

Mad Max

From the ripped-up black leather of Mel Gibson to the dust-covered duds of Tom Hardy, Road Warrior chic leaves a lot or room for variation. Pretty much any of the post-apocalyptic styles in these films can be messed with, modified and even used for original character ideas. Chains, fingerless gloves, leather anything, ponchos and gas masks are just a few of the things you could toss into the mix to make this look work. Bonus points if you have a weird or rusty car or motorcycle to help you arrive in style to your destination. The best, and scariest, part of this is the original took place in 2021!

All of these looks are good for concealing a little extra weight you might be self-conscious about with armor, big fur capes, and assorted weaponry.

Don’t worry if you don’t have that “killer lifeguard body,” boys, it’s the creativity that counts. Have fun with it, guys, and get your best girl involved in the process and make a night of it.

Sexy doesn’t have to be revealing, but it does always come with confidence and sense of fun.

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