Closing Schools: Progressives Succeed Where Conservatives Failed

Conservatives have tried (and failed) for decades to stop the destruction that American schools do to kids. Yet in fewer than two years, progressives have used the Wuhan virus to shut down schools entirely. And this is just one instance of progressives (accidentally )succeeding where conservatives perpetually fail.

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Progressives have had a stranglehold on schools—public and private—for decades. And nothing conservatives ever tried to do could loosen that grip. Progressives just sneered at them and went even further. They indoctrinated students with all sorts of terrible things and unleashed destruction upon the nation with the graduates they turned out.

Yet when 2020 rolled around and the Chinese attacked us with the Wuhan virus, progressives wasted no time in shutting down schools. They’re still doing so. They achieved in fewer than two years what conservatives were unable to do. And, true to nature, instead of building on this victory that progressives inadvertently gave them, conservatives have been fighting every step of the way to REOPEN OUR SCHOOLS and get kids back into the indoctrination centers.

And this isn’t the only instance where progressives succeeded where conservatives failed—where progressives achieved what essentially is a conservative victory that conservatives were unable to win on their own.

  • Roseanne Barr Canceled: Long before she was a conservative heroine, she was a liberal icon who delighted in antagonizing conservatives. Her power kept growing until progressives turned against her. And then she disappeared in the blink of an eye.
  • Sex and the City: Conservatives were never fans of this raunchy series and would’ve loved to see it go off the air in its heyday. They never had any impact on it one way or another. Progressives, on the other hand, just completely destroyed it with wokeness.
  • Playboy: How long did conservatives rail against this magazine? Forever. What impact did they have on it? Zilch. Now, under the leadership of progressives, the magazine has imploded—and proudly so.
  • Boston Pride: I have no idea if conservatives ever tried to shut down this particular group. But prior to the 21st century, conservatives ostensibly opposed the Alphabet movement—and lost every step of the way. Yet within what seemed like mere moments, progressives were able to shut down the group because it wasn’t “diverse” enough.
  • Women’s Sports: Go back far enough, and conservatives opposed the idea of women participating in every type of sport (think boxing, MMA fighting, wrestling, and so forth) that men did. Feminists and progressives always laughed them off and doubled down. Now, thanks to the progressive-backed Alphabet agenda, women’s sports are on the verge of going extinct.

So conservatives can’t win at anything. Thankfully, however, progressives are now accidentally winning for them.

Closing Schools: Progressives Succeed Where Conservatives Failed
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