Yes. It’s 2022 and there is Baby Formula Shortage.

Welcome to America in 2022. There is a shortage of baby formula. Stores are limiting the amounts that new mothers can buy. It’s such an insane thing to happen, that’s it’s hard to wrap your head around it. This is America. It’s 2022. And new parents are worrying about how they will feed their babies? Get the hell out of here with that. That’s insane!

Sadly, the baby formula shortage is very real. The Biden administration is pointing fingers at ‘supply chain issues”. Oh… You mean the same supply chain issues that were apparent months ago? The same supply issues that evidently never got fixed by mayor Pete? This is unacceptable to say the least. It’s one thing to have to wait a few weeks for a new set of lawn furniture, but feeding a baby? What in the actual hell? Nope. No and no. This has gone too far. We were told that when Biden took over that ‘the adults were back”. Well, they suck. They suck really bad. Inflation, high gas prices and a military that gets slapped around by dudes in pick up trucks should be bad enough. But now being able to feed your baby is a question? What else needs to happen? How low do we have to go? Hoping it’s not much lower. And to all the new parents out there, good luck. The adults are back and they let you down.

Here’s more coverage on the baby formula shortage – Baby formula shortage adds to Biden’s growing stockpile of challenges | The Hill

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2 comments on “Yes. It’s 2022 and there is Baby Formula Shortage.

  1. Nona Silvia says:

    Plenty of baby formula at the border. Biden’s administration is feeding the illigals babies while American babies go hungry. Welcome to Biden’s America.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      that is so crazy! Formula at the border but running out at stores. Madness!

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