Former Clinton Campaign Manager Drops a Bombshell on Hillary

She did it. That’s the takeaway from the testimony of Robbie Mook. The former Clinton campaign manager dropped that bombshell on Hillary yesterday in court. Robbie said that Hillary herself gave the go ahead to plant a story in the media that tied Donald Trump to a Russian computer server. Ouch. This is all part of Special counsel Robert Durham’s case against Clinton lawyer Michael Sussman who is accused of lying to the FBI.

As of now we know that Hillary and the DNC paid for the now famous Steele Dossier, but the hits just keep coming with this testimony from Mook. He’s saying Hillary herself gave the greenlight to move forward with a story that was also highly suspicious in its origins. Michael Sussman says he was acting as a private citizen when he walked into the FBI to tip them off about a connection between the Trump campaign and a Russian server. Then he charged the Clinton campaign for his time… what?

So, let’s see where this story goes. Isn’t it odd that some dude can walk into the FBI and just start talking smack? How’d he get the meeting? Who foot the bill for the ‘research’ into Trumps servers? How did all of this go down and who was behind it? Ask Robbie Mook and he’ll at least tell us that Hillary was making sure the story went to the press. Stay tuned!

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