Thor: Love and Thunder (Trailer) Is this the tipping point for Marvel? Yup.

We got a feeling that this is the beginning of the end for Marvel. It’s the jokes. The comedy will be their undoing. Let me be clear: This is a very funny trailer. Watch for yourself. Thor: Love and Thunder looks really funny! There’s just one little problem, we didn’t sign up for a comedy. We signed up for Drama. Back in the day, when we met Thor, it was Shakespearean. We cared about who would lead Asgard. Thor or Loki? Could Thor rise to meet the challenge? Could he live up to his father’s expectations? The story had depth. We cared. Now Thor is a series of ‘Fat guy’ jokes. Granted, they’re good jokes, but they are jokes. The trailer is riddled with them. The Thor story has become a comedy. That ain’t good. Once you raise the comedic expectations? The drama doesn’t work anymore. Dramas can be funny, but it’s almost impossible for comedies to be dramatic. Sorry. Thems the apples. You can try to be dramatic and scary in a comedy, but it never really lands. Thor has crossed the line into comedy. It was a good ride. But this looks like the end for me. I have seen this happen too many times. Chris Reeve’s Superman? Death by comedy. Joel Schumacher’s Batman? Death by comedy. James Bond? Death by comedy. Now Thor. It’s a bummer. But it happens. Then it will be time to retire the character for a while and eventually do the hardcore dramatic and dark reboot. It’s just a matter of time.

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