David Bowie Rockumentary “Moonage Daydream” (Trailer)

There’s a new David Bowie rockumentary that premiered at Cannes 2022 titled “Moonage Daydream”. Do we plan on watching? Yes. Do we plan on learning anything new about Bowie? No. That’s cool. Just give us the cool ‘behind the scenes stuff’. Give me some never-before-seen footage and some interesting clips of Bowie musing about whatever he wanted o muse about. I’m cool with that. The documentary is titled after the Bowie song ‘Moonage Daydream’ that pretty well sums up what they guy was all about. Different personas. Different personalities. Trying them out like suits of armor until he got bored or decided he needed a new one. All of these personas we’re wildy entertaining and mostly a commercial success. But it would seem that Bowie found the courage to be himself finally and that was his greatest success. How wonderful is that? What an achievement. It’s fantastic and really very hopeful. And not a small thing at all. It’s huge. And that’s its documented? All the better. Hell yes we’ll watch. Keep one eye open for Moonage Daydream.

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