Amazons new Rings of Powers ad is insulting to Tolkien fans on almost every level

Here’s the new ad for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings the Rings of Power. Think that’s the name of it. Does it really matter though? Not going to lose a lot of sleep for getting it wrong. Amazon doesn’t mind getting things wrong. Like oh… the life’s work of JRR Tolkien. They can play fast and loose with the source material and if you, as a lifelong fan, call them out? The call you a racist. And if they don’t think you’ve understood that they’ve just called you a racist, they make an ad like this one. It’s mind- boggling, deeply insulting and maddening all at the same time. Amazon is going out of their way to insult Tolkien fans around the world. Fuck Amazon. Fuck them. Fuck them completely and totally.

Here’s the takeaway from the ad: This little kid loves Tolkien and if he doesn’t have someone who represents him on screen his heart will be broken. Do you really want to break this little kid’s heart? Ya piece of shit racist? Listen here you emotionally manipulative pricks, if this kid is huge Tolkien fan? His heart is going to be broken when your show looks nothing like the books! When he sees how you’ve taking a beautiful piece of literature and twisted it into a sick money grab.

But let’s follow the Amazon woke logic. We need to represent other peoples in Middle Earth. Okay. Where are the Latino Elves? Don’t we need those too you racist fucks? What about Pan- Asian Elves? Or have you decided they too aren’t worthy of representation? Sound’s super racist that you didn’t even think of them you bastards. Why would you shove those people to the side? It’s sad.

Here’s an idea: Respect the source material and keep modern politics out of Middle Earth.

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