Cuphead DLC is out and it is OUTSTANDING!

The new DLC for Cuphead was finally released just a few days ago and it was NUTS! The game is pretty darn challenging for a side scrolling adventure, but once you get the hang of it it’s an absolute blast.

Cuphead is a game for the XBOX and Nintendo Switch consoles that has been out for some time now. It’s all hand animated and designed to look like an old “Steamboat Mickey”-esq cartoon. You play as, you guessed it, a dude with a cup for a head, fighting bad guys and beatin’ bosses.

The new DLC, “The Delicious Last Course” offers 6 new boss fights, (with an extra, super secret, super dangerous boss that is hidden!). The animation is awesome and super well done, it is very easy to lose a mission because you get distracted by how good everything looks.

Overall, the DLC is a homerun, a slam dunk, an absolute powerhouse of fun! And it is only 8 bucks! Thats pretty insane in today’s gaming world where companies can sell a mission or two for 40 dollars. The DLC is a hearty challenge, with great animation and music to encourage you along your journey.

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