Scholars struggle to redefine “Crisis” as apparently word has lost all meaning

Maybe the new definition of ‘Crisis’ should just instruct people to wait and see what the media tells them as the word itself has lost all meaning. A crisis isn’t a crisis until someone on TV tells you it is. Case in point: 50 illegal immigrants show up in Martha’s Vineyard unannounced and that’s a crisis. Millions in Illegal immigrants showing up in U.S. border towns? Isn’t. Evidently that’s a sign of a secure border.

Another crisis? The idea of a trans person not referred to as the correct pronoun. Not using the correct pronoun is the same as denying a trans persons existence and that could lead to suicide. We, as a nation need to be educated to address this ‘crisis’. However, 100 people dying every day from drug overdoses is not a crisis and we should all carry on as if it were normal.,are%20caused%20by%20prescription%20drugs. Everything is fine. 100 deaths a day isn’t a crisis. Please wait for further instructions from your TV or phone.

January 6th at the Capitol? That maybe the biggest crisis in the history of the word crisis. It took staff over 4 hours to clean up. Conversely, a mob of people trying to storm the White House and setting fire to historic churches? What can ya do? Things happen.

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