Loki Season 2 trailer. Another wonderfully acted bait and switch? Almost certainly. (video)

Here we go again. Put the needle on the record and just wait for the disappointment. Here’s the trailer for Disney Marvel’s Loki season 2. As per usual, the trailer looks good. We know Tom Hiddleston is going to be great. Owen Wilson with do his highly enjoyable Owen Wilson thing that is legit fantastic every single time. The series will show a bit of promise and then it will all go off the rails. Loki, like every single project to come out of Disney Plus will be bait and switch. A new character or villain will be introduced, and the show will be centered around them. Usually, a strong female character like girl Loki in season 1. It’s all so predictable at this point. Our ‘hero’ ends up handing the show to someone who wasn’t even on the marquee. Obi Wan was the Reva show. Moon knight did the same handoff. Over and over and over they do this. I’m guessing season 2 of Loki will bring us more girl Loki. Because… reasons… and when you check out the trailer for Loki season 2 pay attention the moment where Loki is very concerned about who lives and who dies… since when exactly? When did Loki get so altruistic? I have a vague memory of Loki being just a teeny bit self-centered. Hmmm… maybe he’s growing emotionally thanks to girl Loki. Season 2 of Loki starts streaming on Disney Plus October 6.

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