What’s next for Marvel? How about an All-Girl Avengers? Yup. They’re doing it.

The self-destruct sign is still lit in Hollywood. Studio after studio seems hell bent on driving their franchises into the dirt. The studio heads look at the reviews. They look at the lack of box office and merch sales and they just keep going. It’s almost admirable. Of course, we’re talking about the recent spate of poorly written, female driven, box office bombs. They just keep making them! It would be one thing if these were good movies, with characters we cared about, but alas. It’s shallow Mary sue after shallow Mary sue in a movie with plot holes you could drive a truck through. Audiences don’t like them. Only a handful of people go to see them. They lose massive amounts of money and yet, they keep making them! Hilarious!

So, how does Disney Marvel follow up the slow moving trainwreck of Captain Marvel 2? With an all-girl Avengers! Yes… obviously the public has zero appetite for this, so let’s greenlight that one. Here’s a video on the all-girl Avengers from The Quartering. Worth a watch.

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