5th Matrix movie announced. Why? Resurrections was garbage and Warner Bros. likes money!

The headline says it all. But allow me to expand just a bit. Today a fifth installment of the Matrix franchise was announced. This time the Wachowskis won’t be involved. Instead, the flick will be led by The Martian screenwriter Drew Goddard. We’re cool with that. That’s fine. Here’s why: The Wachowskis don’t know why the Matrix is even a thing. How do I know they don’t know? Not knowing was the plot to Matrix Resurrections.

Matrix Resurrections sucked by the way. It sucked on a massive scale. It’s amusing to watch all the people on X (the social media platform… maybe the drug too) pretend they liked it. That’s always a hoot. Yes… you’re very unique. Look at you! You really liked that movie! LOL!

Now let’s talk about what’s happening. The first Matrix movie was amazing. It’s probably the closest thing to a perfect movie I’ve ever seen. The plot. The pacing. The plot twists. The cast. The visuals. All of it. And I’d encourage everyone to watch parts 2 and 3. They hold up really well. Those movies don’t suck at all! Matrix 4 felt like a petulant slap in the face to all of us who love the Matrix. There was a spitefulness to that flick that was unsavory at best. The vast majority of people rejected it.

If you’re Warner Bros. though, you don’t want to give up yet. The Matrix is such a solid premise! And Matrix movies were practically built for Greenscreen filmmaking. You save a shit ton on sets! You have to try and go back and salvage this franchise. There’s just too much Matrix money left on the table if you don’t! So, good luck Warner Bros on the Matrix 5. We’re ready for more. Just don’t suck.

With all that being said, let’s go back and show some respect for that opening scene of the Matrix. Just incredible. Iconic.

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