WATCH: Tucker Defends Combat Vet George Washington from Attacks

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If you attack foundational America, you deserve to be called out. I don’t care who you are or what you have done. You could even be a member of Mister Superman JSOC who shoots lightning out of your fingers and has fought in thousands of battles and it still wouldn’t matter to me. You should be called out. Pretty simple and easy to understand. So it’s good that Tucker Carlson took the time to defend Founding Father and combat veteran George Washington (and others) from attacks. And I don’t care that his defense offends our ruling class.

As a side note, if you’re inclined to believe the ruling class, which thinks that Carlson has “gone too far” in his criticism, just remember that no one cares when people try prosecuting—not criticizing—combat veterans for killing enemies. And no one cared when the entire government tried to prosecute—not criticize—veteran Michael Flynn.

So don’t let the ruling class fool you with its latest narrative campaign against Carlson.

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