‘Legend of the Black Rose’ Introduces a Pulp-Like Heroine

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Legend of the Black Rose is the first novel in a new series of books featuring a pulp-like heroine called the Black Rose. The action takes place in “the early 20th century desert landscape” with the titular character working on “carv[ing] a new legacy in the annals of Western adventure.”

When I saw the cover for Legend of the Black Rose, I immediately thought of Zorro or the Lone Ranger. So that piqued my interest and I looked a bit more into who this new character was. (RELATED: ‘Offworlder’ by Mike Baron & Jordi Armengol Is ‘Highlander in Space’)

Wolfpack Publishing is publishing the series under its “A. W. Hart” house name, which will allow for a variety of authors to turn out novels on a regular basis if the Black Rose proves to be popular. And it sounds like Legend of the Black Rose is setting her up with all the elements needed in order for that to happen.


Catalina Cristiana Rivera’s aristocratic life is shattered by a heinous raid on her father’s prominent West Texas rancho.

But at the convent in Santo Tomas redemption and the violent secrets of her past confront Lina with an even more dire challenge. A challenge that gives rise to the legend…and dark vengeance of the Black Rose.

With her razor-sharp urumi whip-sword and the help of a deputy U.S. Marshal, Lina’s alter ego carves a new legacy in the annals of Western adventure.

With high adventure, fast action, and an underlying sense of comradery and duty, The Black Rose joins a pantheon of masked Western heroes blazing her way across the early 20th century desert landscape.

Also, if one reader’s comments about this first novel are any indication of things, the Black Rose won’t be just a retread of heroes past. Bob Deis notes in his 5-star review:

If you’re only interested in Westerns that are totally in the old-style cowboys mold, LEGEND OF THE BLACK ROSE, probably won’t be your cuppa. But if you’re interested in reading transitional Westerns that are expanding and updating the genre by adding fresh elements and characters, you should enjoy the new Black Rose series and other recent releases published under Wolfpack’s A.W. Hart house name.

Legend of the Black Rose is available right now. And tomorrow, Wolfpack will publish the second book in the series, The Sword of the Black Rose.

Following that, Vengeance of the Black Rose is set to be published on Oct. 14.

So if you’re looking for a new character similar to the pulp and Western adventures of yesteryear, but with a flair of her own, you might want to check out Legend of the Black Rose.

Images: Covers of the three Black Rose novels.

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