Cirsova Magazine’s Fall Special #1 Out Now!

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Cirsova Magazine published its Fall Special #1 on Oct. 21. If you’re looking for short stories in a publication that’s a throwback to pulp magazines of yesteryear, then be sure to check this out. (RELATED: ‘Cirsova’ Releases Cover Art for Spring & Summer Special Issues)

In case you need a taste of what’s inside the cover, here are the first three listed tales.

Melkart the Castaway


When a powerful triton destroys his ship, the Phoenician giant Melkart washes up on a foreign shore-and is rudely welcomed by a tyrant who would enslave him!

Its Own Reward


A pair of bounty hunters happen upon a large promissory note on their latest mark…enough to retire! But will the money prove more trouble than it’s worth!?

The White Giant’s Map


A fierce battle has annihilated the allies Fletcher has made on the alien world he now calls home! But a dying foe offers him a boon-a map to fabulous treasure!

And if you’re wondering about that dragon artwork, here’s the story (I presume) it illustrates.

To Rest Among the Stars


It is the most dangerous job in the galaxy-hunting space dragons in the ether! But the humans who risk life and limb to do so are what make space travel possible!

Cirsova goes all out in publishing its magazines and books. And that means the Fall Special #1 is available in paperback and as an eBook from Amazon, and in hardcover from Lulu. Three great format choices.

Buy the Fall Special #1 today! (And don’t forget to leave a review!)

Top Image: Excerpt of Cirsova Magazine Fall Special #1 / 2020 cover.

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