Already Miss Summer? Here’s Alexis Ren 2018 [VIDEO]

Missing summer? Same. Am already bummed out about the shorter days and longer nights. It sucks. Throw in cold and wet weather and it’s a depression fiesta. That is IF depression could have a fiesta. Don’t think that’s possible but you get my point. Winter sucks.

Know what helps? Activity. Sunshine and awesome videos of beauties like Alexis Ren looking amazing on the beach. I find it helps. (RELATED: Once Upon a Time: Kate Upton Just Wore Body Paint [VIDEO])

LUISDA FILMS made this little nugget of goodness. If you dig this video with Alexis Ren you should definitely check out their YouTube channel. They’ve done quite a few of these. All featuring different models looking fantastic all set to some pretty good music. Again: We like.

So I hope you dug this little mental health break with Alexis Ren and we hope to be bringing you more from LUISDA FILMS in the future.

P.S. Are you suddenly inspired to work out? I am. Weird, huh?

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