Cyberpunk 2077: Official Launch Trailer – V [VIDEO]

You ready for Cyberpunk 2077? We are. The game has a release date of Dec. 10 and we are good to go.

Maybe you haven’t heard about this one. Maybe you live under a rock. Maybe you were in a coma! Either way, welcome aboard.

We want Cyberpunk 2077 to be good in a big way. Who doesn’t want a massive RPG game set in a Blade Runner looking cityscape? I’ve wanted this since flipping Blade Runner came out! It’s just a solid idea. Like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto, you run around doing what YOU want. You can concentrate on the main story missions or you can go hog wild on side quests. Ding! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. (RELATED: Finally Got to Play Star Wars Squadrons & It Was GREAT! [VIDEO])

Now we just need to get our hands on a copy (not a big fan of downloading games yet) and dive in. Come on! It’s got Keanu Reeves for crying out loud!

Here’s the only part we have a beef with going in even though we haven’t played yet: too much light. In the trailer…too much daytime. Too much sunshine. I want dark, rainy almost perpetual night. Kinda like…Blade Runner. Something about sunshine is well…hopeful. I don’t wanna be hopeful. I wanna run around Cyberpunk 2077 dishing out justice…or whatever it is I’m going to be doing. Save your hope for the end. That’s when you’ll need it. HA!

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