Finally Got to Play Star Wars Squadrons & It Was GREAT! [VIDEO]

Actual gameplay!

YESSSS. It finally happened. I got a chance to play Star Wars Squadrons and it was awesome. The game more so than my flying but I had a blast! I was blown away. This is what VR is all about. A total immersive experience.

I would’ve been more than happy to just fly around in my X-wing for an hour looking out the window. That’s how much I dug the visuals. Just looking around the cockpit was amazing. And my R2 unit! Come on!

But alas, the galaxy needed saving and who was I to resist? Long story short? I got blown up…a lot. But I’m ready to go back and do it again today. Which I will. (RELATED: Star Wars: Squadrons GAMEPLAY [VIDEO])

Now for some “review” type stuff: Game is smooth. Graphics are damn good. Controls are basic enough and easy to learn. My big regret was not being familiar with how to launch missiles, adjust shields, etc. But that’s on me. I jumped right into combat. Should’ve done the training missions. I was just too damned excited to get in my ship and go! I regret nothing!!

If you like Star Wars you need this game. You don’t “want” it. You NEED it.

Star Wars Squadrons is all that and a bag of chips. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do some training so I can save the galaxy.

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