Gut Punch from China on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ [VIDEO]

For some reason, the video has been removed from YouTube. But you can still see the clip on the Fox News site.

Go ahead and watch for yourself. At least the opening monologue. It’s…shall we say…disconcerting? Maybe a better way to describe it is a gut punch. Reality just walked up and socked us. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

So much of this is just plain infuriating. Here’s what’s in the video: A Chinese professor bragging about China’s control and growing influence in the U.S. He says they have old and powerful friends among many other deeply disturbing and revealing things, including that they have people at the top of U.S. (RELATED: America Is Done if Biden Steals the Election)

The video was deleted soon after it was taken. But you know what they say: the internet never forgets.

We’ll let you watch for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

Here’s what we think. We think this professor isn’t lying. We think the Chinese are very smart and they had a plan. Everything was going great for them until Trump showed up. Trump was the fly in the ointment.

Now the Chinese government is happy! Looks like Biden is going to be in charge. Of course they’d brag. The plan is back on! They are back in action.

It’s scary. Deeply troubling.

We have tons of questions. Like WHO are China’s old and powerful friends? Is Joe Biden one of them? For real. That’s a legit concern. We never got to the bottom of the whole Hunter Biden laptop thing. And is China powerful enough to sway our media? And Wall Street? We think they are.

Who will look into this? Or is the plan to pretend we don’t know and keep going after Russia, Russia, Russia? Really scary to think about.

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