Let’s Make this Cuban Sandwich [VIDEO]

If you’ve never had a Cuban sandwich, I kinda feel bad you. For real. A good Cuban is simply one the best sandwiches ever. Hell, a bad Cuban is one the best ever. It’s just that solid of an idea. The basics are all there.

A Cuban has all the elements of a hero or sub with the bonus of almost being a grilled cheese or patty melt. Come on! What’s not to love? (RELATED: Life Changing Burger? Yes. [VIDEO])

The idea is simple: pork, ham and swiss cheese on a bun. Again, that’s the basic idea. Of course, there’s mayo and pickles. And it’s grilled (or pressed) to get it all nice and melty.

Now with all simple ideas, the devil is in the details. It’s easy to screw up. It’s a great sandwich but it’s not idiot proof. You can fuck up a Cuban if you try hard enough. So let’s make a good one.

I did a little research around the ol’ YouTubes and I felt this recipe was the strongest. A lot of other channels we like were cooking entire pork butts and there’s no way I’m going to all that trouble. So, voila, we’re presenting Sam the cooking guy and his recipe. This feels like something I’d actually be able to do. Right? We can all grill some pork. Easy!

So I hope you enjoy. Let me know when you try this out.

P.S. One of best Cuban sandwiches I ever had was in NYC from a food truck. They also added a fried egg…it was INSANELY good! So maybe throw a couple of those on too. I’m gonna.

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