Three from the 80’s on Sunday Jams

Let’s go. This was a bit more challenging than you’d think. Yes, I could have slapped any ol’ 3 songs up here and got some love…blah. That’s not why we’re here. NO! It’s gotta mean something.

Sure, “I’ll Melt with You,” is a great song. Don’t look for it here, though. Not gonna happen. That’s a wedding reception song though, right? Ha! Kinda felt that way about it when it came out too! LOL. Good song…doesn’t mean a lot to yours truly. (RELATED: Sunday Jams with Fleetwood Mac)

There’s a couple tunes that really kind of shook me in term of audio. Songs that just kinda hit me differently. So that’s what we’ll be dipping into this Sunday. Just a dip. More of a skim really. So let’s begin. Again, these are in no particular order. Just showing some love.

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2 comments on “Three from the 80’s on Sunday Jams

  1. Rebecca Cummings says:

    I must not have been into that genre? I was into rap and heavy metal some Indie and I do know INXS and did listen to them. There are others but I think the list would be too long cuz theres so many different genres…

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      So what were you jamming to in the 80’s? I demand specifics! LOL

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