2 Rules for Learning Like Elon Musk [VIDEO]

That feeling when you watch a video and something clicks. Sadly, I didn’t have the big “click” for a new invention. I had that click of, “Oh yeah…that’s true.” That’s what happened for me when I watched this.

Building a solid foundation or “tree trunk” of knowledge make perfect sense. It feels intuitively correct. Before you get bogged down in details, make sure you know the fundamentals. Tada. Not rocket science, right? Pun intended.

Hope the video gave you some insight. If you’re an entrepreneur or just someone that wants to keep on learning, keep working on that tree. Keep trying to find out “why.”

That’s the question we all start out with as kids. It’s a good one. Maybe we just get tired of asking and then we start answering with, “That’s just the way it is.”

“Just the way it is,” is unacceptable. Let’s not put up with that. Let’s keep on learning. Standing up for what is right and adapting and finding solutions. Let’s keep finding out why. And if the answer is shit? Let’s change it. (RELATED: The Edge, Jack White & Jimmy Page – ‘Seven Nation Army’ [VIDEO])

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