The Edge, Jack White & Jimmy Page – ‘Seven Nation Army’ [VIDEO]

This is a clip from the documentary It Might Get Loud. The film features Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White discussing guitars, songs they’ve written and music. I’ve never seen it. It seems wonderful. That may sound like a contradiction but it’s not. I’ll explain.

Take this clip for instance. Jack White tells the story of how the riff for “Seven Nation Army” came about. He was toying around at a soundcheck and stumbled across something. He showed his buddy and his bud wasn’t impressed. Jack knew he was right and stuck with it. He felt it and didn’t give up. That’s just awesome and deserves to be recognized. He FELT it and didn’t stop. Even though his friend didn’t agree with him, Jack stuck it out. That’s a life lesson. To thine own self be true. If you’re even a teeny bit creative hold on to that.

I know these guys are absolute legends but I’m also pretty sure they got better at playing guitar by practicing, not watching documentaries about their heroes.

Confession: I’m learning how to play guitar. Why? Because I want to. It’s fucking fun. Challenging? Big time. But an absolute blast when you’re able to string a couple successes together. I dig it. The other reason? I want what these guys have. Not the skill (but that would be epic!). I want the brotherhood. Check out the way jack White shows these guys how to play his song. All ego is stripped away and it’s just 3 dudes playing. And wanting to learn. That’s badass. This could very well be 3 high school buddies learning a new song. Not 3 absolute legends of guitar. That’s cool. (RELATED: The Best Cover in the History of Ever: Scala & Kolacny Brothers – ‘Creep’ (Live))

You don’t get that kind of instant fellowship with other things. There’s something about music and guitar that cuts through all the bullshit and gets right down to it. You don’t get it through sports or comedy or anything else. The music does the talking. It’s fantastic. I want that. So I don’t wanna watch. I wanna do.

Why watch when I could practice? Maybe someday…maybe…I’ll run into a musician I just think the world of and I won’t have to stumble and mumble through some bullshit conversation. I can ask, “How do you play that song?” and if they decide to show me? We’ll play. That’s what I want. So I’ll practice my guitar. I’ll save the documentary for later. It looks awesome.

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