Best of Glastonbury: The Mgmt’s Picks [VIDEOS]

Let’s go. We picked some videos from a Best of Glastonbury 1997 – 2011 playlist on YouTube and we are loving it!

There’s nothing like live music. Especially with a big crowd. Like a festival crowd. The chances of actual magic occurring are increased exponentially. There is just something communal and good. Nay, great about it! Everyone is on the same page. Everyone is in the same rhythm. We love, love, love it. You don’t get it from a painting. You don’t get it from comedy or theater. People have to just watch those. With music? You participate. You dance. You clap. You sing. You are IN it. Magic baby. Pure magic. (RELATED: The Best Cover in the History of Ever: Scala & Kolacny Brothers – ‘Creep’ (Live))

That’s what’s embodied here in the clips I’ve chosen from the Glastonbury Festival. I just think they’re stellar performances. And the crowds reaction and participation are off the charts. Let’s go.

This one gets me misty eyed every single time. Wake up.

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2 comments on “Best of Glastonbury: The Mgmt’s Picks [VIDEOS]

  1. Cindy Terrien says:

    Sent a chill up my spine!
    Thanks Michael

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      glad you dug it. So many great acts!

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