Dude 3D Prints Iron Man Suit! Amazing Cosplay! [VIDEO]

This is what we dig about cosplay. This level of commitment. Sure there’s different levels of hotness and accuracy in the costume and who’s wearing it. But to print out your own Iron Man suit is just incredible. So much credit due to seeing this one through!

Frank is the dude who took on this epic 3D printed adventure and he crushed it! His channel is “Frankly Built” and he documents his journey in a series of videos. We just think it’s cool af. We love that can do spirit. Just jump in and figure it out. That’s the spirit! (RELATED: Best Videos of the Year (So Far!) 2020 – People Are Awesome)

Do I wish I had the time and skill to do this too? Fuck yeah! Who doesn’t want an Iron Man suit? (Maybe that was a stupid question.) But we can always live vicariously through Frank and his videos.

We’ll start with his first video as he sets out and jump right to the final product. So cool!

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