Monday, Meet Krystal Hall [PHOTOS]

Traditionally Monday isn’t so great. Am I right or am I right? It is the grand high poo-bah of blah in terms of the days of the week. And we need to rage against it. So why not get some help? Right?

So that’s what we did. For this Monday’s “rage against the blah” we’ve enlisted some help from the stellar Instagram account of Krystal Hall. The antidote to blah is fun and Krystal is having lots of that.

A self described southern girl living in a bikini, addicted to traveling and chasin’ tail, Krystal also specializes in having adventures. We like all of it. Make sure to give her a follow @krystal_hall_. Did we mention that she’s also southern and salty? She is. Yet another bonus. Take THAT Monday! (RELATED: Star Wars Cosplay–because That’s What Hot Geeks Do [PHOTOS])

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