Star Wars Cosplay–because That’s What Hot Geeks Do [PHOTOS]

We’re winning. The geeks and nerds are absolutely killing it and it feels great. It also looks great! So, we thought we’d celebrate with some smokin’ hot cosplay from the Instagram account of @filthysith! Woo hoo! (Which reminds me: shouldn’t there be a Star Wars cosplay account called “rebel scum?” Good question. We’ll have to look into that.) But for now, let’s get our sexy geek on with @filthysith.

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: where do they get the outfits? We know a few cosplayers and the rule seems to be: ya gotta make your own stuff. Everything else is cheating. We’re guessing more than one of these girls is indeed cheating but we’ve decided to give them a pass…for now. Here’s our favs. If you’re a Star Wars fan you should give @filthysith a follow. With this much goodness, how can you not? (RELATED: Cornelia Grimsmo Talks the Talk & Swims the Swim [VIDEO])

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