Modern Airships: This Is How We Want to Travel [VIDEO]

Are modern airships the future of travel? Damn, we hope so. How great would it be to take a cruise like this? Just kicking back and gliding over some super sweet countryside. Checking out the flora and fauna without some jet engine ruining the vibe. The best! We can definitely see the touristy travel aspect to the new modern airships. But the designers are making the case for hauling goods as well.

The next generation of blimps can carry more cargo than most planes and the emissions are next to nothing by comparison. By combining traditional helium with drone style rotors and solar panels it makes a lot of sense. Seems incredibly energy efficient. (RELATED: 12 Beautiful Caribbean Places to Visit [VIDEO])

Will modern airships replace trains and trucks? Doubtful. But would they be super cool to cruise around on? Yes. We want these now. Somebody needs to show me the specs on a bedroom in one of these babies. I’ll be making my reservations ASAP.

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2 comments on “Modern Airships: This Is How We Want to Travel [VIDEO]

  1. Rebecca Cummings says:

    Looks like a Zeppelin!

    1. Paul Hair says:

      Would be interesting to ride in one.

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