2020’s Top 15 Sexiest & Most Famous Models [VIDEO]

Let other websites bore you with their silly little top ten lists. This is TLP! We’re gonna go the extra mile and go top 15! Boom! That’s right. Top 15! (RELATED: Vita Sidorkina Having Fun & Looking Great [VIDEO])

*Spoiler:* Number one isn’t Lorena Rae. I know. Bummer. We were shocked too.

Now of course all lists like this are subjective and your favorite might not have made it. That’s just the nature of these wacky lists! Right?

For the record this video wasn’t produced in house by the staff of sexy heathens at The Loftus Party. This list was compiled by the good peeps at Video Archive on YouTube. We have no idea how they reached their conclusions and frankly we don’t care. It’s the end of 2020 and we’re putting out a sweet top 15 list!

We get an “A” for effort and so do you for being here! Am I right? Damn right I’m right! Happy New Year!

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