‘Dark Side of the Moon’ from Pink Floyd for Sunday Jams

What can you say about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon that hasn’t already been said? Nothing. So I’m not going to even try. It’s simply a masterpiece and it fits my mood today. So, tada. Here we are.

I almost feel compelled to apologize for only posting 3 songs. It would be much easier to slap a link up to the whole album and let you all have at it. But that’s not what we’re doing. We gotta keep it to 3 tracks for this little Sunday Jams endeavor. So what 3 do ya pick? Ha ha! That’s the trick. (RELATED: 3 from Kate Bush for Sunday Jams)

Maybe this will inspire someone to go grab the album and listen from start to finish. That would be cool. Because if there is a list of albums you should do that with? Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon should be at the top. Masterpiece.

And for the love of God, wear headphones.

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