We Can’t Stop Watching ‘Building the Farmhouse Start to Finish’ [VIDEO]

This is the surprise new addiction for me. “Building the Farmhouse Start to Finish” from Perkins Builder Brothers YouTube channel. I cannot stop. At this point I’m not sure I ever want them to be done! Go! Just keep building!

Let’s take a moment to reflect on how I got here. Pretty sure it started with some how to build better campfires videos (I was planning a bit of a fire over the holiday and wanted to do it up–LOL) that turned into some building better shelters, which morphed into building better shelters and cabins. Then I hit the motherlode. “Building the Farmhouse Start to Finish.” Hot damn I love it so.

It’s not flashy. No crazy edits. Just a couple of good dudes and their work crew doing exactly what they advertise. Building a farmhouse…start to finish. Each episode is another day on the worksite. Day one they start on the foundation. By day 4 they’re working on the masonry. Then onto walls and framing. There’s no filler. No waste of time. Just good natured dudes showing you how they build a farmhouse. It’s awesome. It’s now part of my nightly routine! It’s crazy! Each night I’ll watch 2 days of progress as if I’m on the team! LOL! ‘Wonder what we’re doing today?” Like I’m actually accomplishing something. But in a way, I am.

It feels like I’m learning a shit ton. The Perkins Building Brothers are great about explaining what they are doing and why. That’s key to me. I legit feel like I’m gaining some building knowledge. I’m sure I’ll drive a construction crew insane someday when I have something built. “I watch Perkins Builder Brothers YouTube channel and I don’t think that’s the right wood for stairs…just saying.”

So give the channel and show a view. Totally worth it. Just be ready to be addicted and be ready to be insanely jealous of this farmhouse! It’s going to be great! Just beautiful! Well, when it’s done. Right now we’re still finishing the rooms upstairs. Tonight we’re putting on the roof. Ha! (Ski Resort!) (RELATED: Anteater Ready to Rumble [VIDEO])

Here’s a couple eps to get you started.

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