Three Wonderfully Random Songs for Sunday Jams

Really don’t want to spend too much time talking about this week’s picks. Just want to blast ’em out there. Maybe I shouldn’t have said “random” in the title. I probably should have said eclectic. Sounds sooo much classier. Duly noted. Will adjust for next time.

I’ve included Nick Shoulders’s “Tears Stupid Tears” cover on the list. I just think this dude is fantastic. Really digging his sound. Just enjoying the hell out of his work. Just FYI: “Tears Stupid Tears” is a song originally written in 1990 by Daniel Johnson. It’s been covered quite a bit but I think ol’ Nick Shoulders stands out. (RELATED: ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ from Pink Floyd for Sunday Jams)

Hope you dig it. You’ll recognize the other 2 picks instantly. If you don’t? Please seek medical help. — The Mgmt

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1 comment on “Three Wonderfully Random Songs for Sunday Jams

  1. Lisa Kay says:

    What a perfect Sunday afternoon selection.
    Great picks.

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