Sea Shanties Are Why We Still Love the Internet

We were due for something good to happen. Who knew it would be sea shanties? Whoever had that one on their list of possible incredibly great things to kick off 2021, give yourself a prize. You’re a genius.

No one saw this coming and that is what we love about it. The completely “out of the blue” sudden popularity of the sea shanty. It’s one of those gifts from the internet of things that just makes us happy. People singing fucking sea shanties! It’s insane and great and we could not dig it more. Keep ’em coming!

The songs started as a way to for sailors to do their work in a more organized way. Everyone is in the same rhythm. Everyone is on the same page. Everyone is synchronized. Sea shanties date back to the 1400’s and when you’re using manual labor, you want your crew organized. It works, people like to sing; it lifts your spirits when you’re performing some seriously shitty task, you can have some fun and people love to sing along.

It’s that element of singing through some epic bullshit that leads us to the modern popularity of sea shanties. We’ve all been going through some tough times. It’s been relentless for months. So why not sing. Better yet, let’s all sing. We’re all in the same boat. (Well, most of us, but that’s a whole different post.) Let’s just say the vast majority have been getting blasted by life for months and we’re fucking sick of it so we might as well sing.

The internet brought us together for this one. That wacky world wide web of shared experiences did it. The ability to communicate with our fellow human being brought us some joy. Thank you internet. Ya came through in the clutch. (RELATED: Anteater Ready to Rumble [VIDEO])

And a big shout out to Nathan Evans. He’s the Scottish dude that many believed kicked this whole sea shanty thing off. He posted videos of himself singing the super old school tunes on Tik Tok. Why? because he liked them. One has to doubt he could’ve seen this massive popularity coming. He sang what he liked and it caught on. That’s how we usually get the best from the internet. Someone somewhere does a good thing, someone else sees it and likes it too and it just grows. No planning from corporate. No ad agency. Just people who recognize something and encourage it. Then, if you’re lucky? They join in. All on their own. So thank you Nathan, and thank you internet.

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  1. Lisa Kay says:

    Listing to Sea Shanty TikTok in my pirate pub kitchen makes me feel part of things gain….these guys are saving 2021 for me.

  2. Rebecca Cummings says:


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