Old School Southern Rock on This Week’s Sunday Jams

How great is this?! Let’s get in a time machine for this week’s Sunday Jams. We’re headed south. The 70’s south to be more specific. Something about these tunes is just pure heartache and goodness to me. I’m scratching my head as to why I haven’t done a Southern Sunday Jams before. Oh well. I’m doing it now and it is giving me a case of the feels. (RELATED: Three Wonderfully Random Songs for Sunday Jams)

This music is so good. Such a good vibe. Where did it go? Why are we not surrounded by new artists making songs like this? Maybe we are and I just haven’t found out. If you know of some please turn me on to what you got. Until then? Crank up these classics. — The Mgmt

Think of it as a bonus, but “Amie” usually has another song that leads right into it: “Falling In and Out of Love.” So here’s both of those tunes as the Lord intended. (Keep scrolling down for the other 2 official picks.)

Then we have to go with another Hall of Fame great one: The Marshall Tucker Band – “Can’t You See.”

No self-respecting person can have a southern rock list and leave out Lynyrd Skynyrd. It would be a sin. We’ll not offend you like that, especially on a Sunday. So here they are.

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2 comments on “Old School Southern Rock on This Week’s Sunday Jams

  1. Kelly says:

    Love this! Great break from the madness all around.

    A friend asked us to join them for a concert at the Florida Theater in Jacksonville summer of 2018. Orleans, Poco, and Pure Prairie League. It was a blast! No mosh pit, but plenty of us old folks dancing in the aisles.

    1. Paul Hair says:


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