What Happens When You Sit Down on Cat Island? Surrounded. [VIDEO]

Be warned: Cat Island is REAL and so is the cuteness. Just look at the shocking video. Who would dare to sit on Cat Island and be forced to reckon with such massive levels of adorableness? It’s almost too much too take.

We want to go. We think we can handle it. We’re prepared for the confrontation that is cats that want the pets. (Let’s be honest though: These cats wouldn’t waste anytime devouring your dead body. Just sayin’. Reality still exists.) But that’s not why we’re here! We’re not going to overthink this! It’s Cat Island and they just want to be adorable! (RELATED: 12 Beautiful Caribbean Places to Visit [VIDEO])

To answer your next question, Cat Island is off the coast of Japan so you will need a passport. There is a tiny fishing village (good call kitties!) and about 140 cats, and they outnumber humans 8 to 1. Japanese people donate cat food to help take care of the felines, which is good. The idea of 140 desperately hungry cats isn’t as appealing as 140 desperately cute cats that just want the pets.

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