Let’s Get Weird for Sunday Jams

It’s called being eclectic, ya sexy heathens. We dig it. Not only that, we celebrate it. It’s in that spirit we present this week’s Sunday Jams. We are all over the board and we love it!

Truth be told, I’m holding back a little. Don’t want to freak anyone out. But this is a good time to remind you that Sunday Jams isn’t some rainy day, acoustic guitar, make out jukebox. It’s music that sounds good. It needs to jam and have a Sunday vibe. That’s it. So here we go. (RELATED: Old School Southern Rock on This Week’s Sunday Jams)

We’ll start with maybe the most underappreciated Pink Floyd song of all time…

New Stones song. Remix is even better. Tada.

This one. This one right here. Enjoy. Frank Black – “Headache.”

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2 comments on “Let’s Get Weird for Sunday Jams

  1. Cindy Terrien says:

    Loved the Pink Floyd song. Gorgeous.
    Thanks Michael!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Yay! Me too! So good! How many more forgotten gems are out there? Glad you dug it.

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