Vision AVTR. Yes, Please. [VIDEO]

Mercedes-Benz has a concept car that we really want to love. Yes. There’s a lot to dig here.

Let’s start with the look. Yes, please. That’s badass. Designers are saying the Vision AVTR is inspired by the movie Avatar. Okay. Then why does it just scream TRON? That’s all I can think. I expect Jeff Bridges to pop out of this thing.

Either way, it’s flat out gorgeous. Just 100% badass. Now, here’s what else we dig and what we don’t.

The wheels can rotate so the car can move sideways or even diagonally. Yes, please. More of that. Sounds legit.

No steering wheel. Blam. We’re out. That’s a deal breaker.

Sure the Vision AVTR is supposed to be a glimpse into the cars of the future. We get it. I can guarantee that in the future people will want to live. There will always be a need to steer the vehicle manually. Even if it’s just for an emergency. But that’s really my only beef with the Vision. Other than that, I’ll take two. Just slip in a steering wheel and I’ll grab my debit card. (RELATED: Modern Airships: This Is How We Want to Travel [VIDEO])

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