Nick Drake on Sunday Jams

There’s a very good chance you’ve never heard of Nick Drake. We’re going to remedy that today. Nick Drake was a singer songwriter with a unique style and sound that left an indelible mark on music and art for generations. REM and The Cure, among many others, credit Nick Drake’s influence. He was an original.

Nick recorded just three albums between 1969 and 1972. He took his own life before he could begin work on his fourth. While never achieving huge mainstream success, Nick Drake’s music seems to have a life of it’s own. Getting more and more recognition as years go by.

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Like many others, my introduction to Nick Drake was a car commercial. I was floored by the beauty of the song. I can’t tell you what car they were selling, but I knew I had to find out who did that “Pink Moon” song. It was that great. Just eerie and beautiful and I loved it. Hopefully you will too. Thanks for the music, Nick.

“Northern Sky”

“Way to Blue”

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