Stop with the Killer Robots [VIDEO]

Well the morons at Boston Dynamics are at it again. Their seemingly never-ending quest to build an independent killing machine took another horrifying step forward recently. They even put out a video to let us know just how close they are.

Now their robot dog “Spot” has an arm! Yay? Are we supposed to happy? Now that your little machine can work levers and open doors? Nope. Don’t like it. Not one little bit. This whole thing scares the shit out of us.

We’ve all seen this movie before. Scientist makes sweet robot then military turns it into a killing machine. Usually in the movie the good guys win. That’s because it’s a movie and not real fucking life. So let’s not even go there. There isn’t a need either. How many situations do you need a fucking robot dog with an arm? For real. Two? How many situations has humanity faced in the last 20 years where a robot would have saved the day? Maybe a nuclear reactor meltdown? Maybe?

We don’t need these things and scientists are notorious for making mistakes. How many safety protocols are in place here? How do we know the next generation of these things won’t kill us? How can we make it impossible?

Again, not kidding. The inability to harm humans should be built into the basic code. It should be absolutely impossible for a robot to hurt a human. Even then some dick scientist will do it anyway. It’s just a matter of time. Scientists make mistakes and WE pay the price. Every. Time.

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How are you enjoying Covid-19? It’s looking more and more like some wacky scientists were making a “gain of function” virus in Wuhan, just because they could and there was an “oopsie daisy,” and now there are dead people all over the globe. They fuck up all the time.

Killer bees? Scientist fucked up and accidentally let super aggressive African bees loose in South America. Oops! My bad. Sorry ’bout that.

Will the next mistake be robots that never sleep or get tired and just track you down and shoot you? I’d rather not find out.

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